Relation to Woolery Kitchen:

Ms. Faye is the lady of the house and is affectionally known as the "boss lady." She grew up in Chalky Hill down the street from Woolery Kitchen. She was taught to cook by her mother (Ms. Phyllis)as a young child (or as Jamaican's say "pitney"). In 1987 she married Mr. Charles and became a Woolery. Ms. Faye was born and raised in Chalky Hill.  By Malcolm Gladwell's definition she is a master chef having clocked well over 10,000 hours in the kitchen cooking for her five younger brothers and sisters, husband (Mr. Charles), two children (Omar and Amanda), and at most family gatherings. She is also known around Chalky Hill and Morristown, New Jersey (where she lived for many years) as the consummate entertainer. After living in New Jersey (and throwing the most epic New Years Day parties) for over 20 years she and Mr. Charles moved back to Chalky Hill to the house she once visited as a child.  When I had the idea for Woolery Kitchen I ran straight to her to get involved because I knew people would want to experience Jamaica through her eyes like I have the opportunity to. 

What makes Ms. Faye special:

Ms. Faye is one of the most caring people you will ever meet and that comes across in every interaction she has, especially in the food she serves. If you are in her presence she will do everything in her power to make sure you are taken care of. Whether that means cooking you an amazing meal, making a joke with you or just giving you a beautiful smile. 

Favorite Jamaican Dish:

Curry Goat

Drop us a line below if you've had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Faye...


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