Growing up in America I never realized that different countries have different fruits. Once I moved to New York and started traveling I discovered that there were a bunch of fruits that I had never tried, or even heard of! When I moved to Jamaica I started feeling like Veruca Salt when she visited the Chocolate factory. This is a quick post is dedicated to a few of the new fruits that I have tried since moving to Jamaica. Editorial note: You won’t see ackee, breadfruit or mango on this list because they are all worthy of their own posts (coming soon...)


Acquiring this fruit was a pretty interesting experience for me. Our neighbors have a tree so one day we went to pick them. Those who know me know I hate the bush, so let’s just say it wasn’t my favorite thing. Plus they weren’t ripe yet so when you picked them they were stainy. (For those of you wondering what stainy is, it’s just one of those things you have to encounter to understand. I was warned, but I didn’t understand until I experienced it for myself). Anyway, since they weren’t ripe yet we had to wrap them in newspaper and let them ripen for a few days. After a few days they were delicious! The taste sort of reminds me of a fig. I especially liked them in my oatmeal. We even made naseberry jam. It was worth the bush adventure, but next time I would rather buy them.

Star Apple

The star apple comes in two varieties; green with white inside and purple with a purple inside. They taste pretty similar. I’m not sure how to describe the taste of a star apple other than sweet. It’s not cloyingly sweet, but pleasant. I was warned that if it wasn’t ripe enough it would be “stainey” so I should eat it with a spoon. I had no idea what this meant until I picked nesberry (see below). The star apple turned out to be one of my favorite new fruits. 

Star Fruit

The batch I had came from the grocery store so I don’t know how good of a representation it was. It was a bit sour, but didn’t really have a strong taste. My favorite part about them is how pretty they look when you cut them and decorate your glass with them.

Otaheite Apple

I must admit that I don’t really like the Otaheite apple. It’s kind of dry and tastes like perfume. I’ve tried them many times, and each time I regret it. I’ve even tried it in juice, and although it was bearable I didn’t enjoy it. Sorry. However, they are very beautiful when they grow.

What fruits should I try next?


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