I did a little digging to find out about the history of rum punch because living in Jamaica has taught me to try to understand where the things I consume come from. It turns out it became popular with pirates because beer, the popular drink of sailors, would go bad. During this time refrigeration didn’t exist so they used the nearly rotten fruits to make punch. It became a popular social drink because mixing hard liquor with fruit juice makes the party last longer.


Now the story of Chello’s Rum Punch begins in 2012 when Andre and I married. We chose to marry in Jamaica because we wanted to be close to Andre’s family and we also wanted our other friends and family to experience a place we love. We wanted to ensure people got a proper taste of Jamaica and one of the first things we thought of was to ask Andre’s father, Mr. Charles, to make his amazing rum punch for everyone. Just like the pirates we wanted to keep the party going in the Caribbean! Thankfully he agreed and immediately began working on a batch so it would have enough time to age before the wedding, but it didn’t stop there. I couldn’t just throw this handcrafted treasure at the bar with the rest of the drinks so I requested that every table have rum punch on their table. Thankfully Andre’s mom, Ms. Faye, accepted the challenge and designed custom made bottles for every table to match our decor.


When it was all said and done the rum punch became one of our first family collaborations, not to mention, a huge hit with our wedding guests. A few years later when we decided to move to Jamaica I knew Mr. Charles’ rum punch, like Woolery Kitchen, was something that needed to be shared. We worked for months making our first official batch. We decided to call it Chello’s Rum Punch because Mr. Charles was affectionately referred to as Chello growing up and we wanted to express the love that goes into his recipe.


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