When I got married in Jamaica I had no idea that just a year and a half later I would be coming back to live there, but I did know that marrying Andre meant I was signing on to support his life’s work. It’s funny how you can be so close to a person and still not understand their vision, but luckily the artist gives us visual glances into their soul through their work. Andre created this piece titled “It’s all about the Benjamins” in 2011.

Benjamins Images.001.jpg

It speaks to his need to expose the modern enslavement caused by money, and his desire to escape it by drawing inspiration from those who have fought against slavery. I have watched him discover his passion and I have witnessed his growth to the point where he could no longer stand to be held prisoner by anything other than his own thoughts. This is when we started planning his escape. We had a joint mission: “to have creative freedom that creates impact.” The wonderful thing about having a mission is that it guided me to put the pieces together to create my own vision, and ultimately, my own escape. From there moving to Jamaica was the only logical next step for both of us. 


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