When we decided to move to Jamaica I started to hear things like “I can’t believe you’re moving to a Third World country!” I’ll admit that this statement, and all of the negative connotations that come with it, put a little fear in my heart. I decided to address this fear head on the best way I know how: Google.

First I needed to understand what the term even means. Well it turns out (via Wikipedia), that it was a term that came about during the cold war. America and countries aligned with them were the “First World,” the communist countries were “Second World” and everyone else was the “Third World.”

As the term has been used over the years a lot of negative stereotypes came along with it. I came upon the Nations Online Project. They categorize nations based on several different ideas of what might be considered a “Third World” country:

Jamaica is on none of these lists.

The term is now an outdated term. The more politically correct term is “developing markets,” but as I have been researching the tourism industry I have seen the term “emerging markets.” This refers to nations other than European and American markets. I prefer this term because it has an optimistic tone. When you think of Jamaica as an emerging market, it becomes perfectly fitting that we moved here. We are emerging artists and entrepreneurs, and Woolery Kitchen is an emerging community.


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