It only took 5 years of visiting Jamaica to make it to Reggae Beach but I finally made it! It’s located in Ocho Rios (Ochie). There is an entrance fee which is technically to enter the Bamboo Beach Club (leakage at it’s finest). I’ve been a couple of times since my first visit and my overall opinion is that this beach is wonderful (one of my personal favorites in Jamaica), but it’s not without it a few issues. Here is a rundown…



  • The staff is very nice
  • There’s a DJ
  • On days when there is no cruise ship it is not very crowded and feels secluded
  • There is a shower and changing area


  • I didn’t love the food and drink selection (there were no pina coladas!)
  • The alcoholic beverages were not strong, I watched a pour and it wasn’t even a full shot
  • Although the servers are nice, it wasn’t that clear that they were servers
  • It’s a little pricey ($10 US) for tourists
  • On days when there is a cruise ship there is a very pricey VIP section  that takes over the best part of the beach


You know those ladies that braid your hair at the beach, well if you are going to get your hair done ask for something not so touristy (i.e. corn rows). These ladies are masters of braiding, use that to your advantage and try something you’ve seen on the red carpet. See how I have a crown braid.

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