Here is what I know about soursop:

  1. It’s also called guanabana
  2. I never had a soursop before coming to Jamaica and I was hesitant to try it because it kinda stinks. Now that I’ve tried it I can’t really describe what it tastes like other than it’s a bit sour.
  3. I read that it bears fruit from August to November, but we have a soursop tree in our yard and right now we have so much soursop that we can’t even give it away fast enough.
  4. Not everyone likes it. The Woolery’s are divided on this one. Mr. Charles loves it, Ms. Faye likes it, I tolerate it and Omar hates it.
  5. It is used in some cancer treatments.

Here’s what it looks like:


Ms Faye juices it like this:

Soursop 123.001.jpg

Then she adds sugar, some lime juice and white rum. I decided to take up another level and make Soursop Coladas (because I’m obsessed with Pina Coladas). I added some ice and extra rum. I must say it was pretty tasty, and if I’m going to drink soursop this is the only way I will do it: 

Hopefully one day you will get to taste my Soursop Colada at Woolery Kitchen.

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